We test a lot of mapping-related tools, services, and platforms that nonprofits and community groups might find useful.  Our current sandboxes include:

  • AwesomeQ – the social network for people waiting in lineAwesomeQ is a Drupal 6 platform utilizing QR Codes, Mobile Tools, Open Layers mapping software, and Google Geolocation.  AwesomeQ allows us to test various mobile, mapping, and social networking integration services.
  • Ushahidi demonstrationThis is a generic sandbox based on the Ushahidi community incident reporting and mapping platform.
  • Chicago Monsters – “a monster mash(up) for the 312”Specially designed for communities without pervasive Internet access (such as a modern community following a disaster); community members can report sightings via text message, Twitter, iPhone app, Android app, email, or web form!