Why hire a licensed and insured contractor? Old Glory, Super Sized

Sherwin-Williams joins in labor of love paintings Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D. C., Americans have shown their patriotism by flying the Stars and Stripes - at home, at work, in cars and on their clothing. Three of the most impressive displays were painted in Pennsylvania, Illinois and New Mexico ROCK ISLAND, ILL. - A flag with 10-foot stars, 12-foot-wide stripes, overall dimensions of 274 feet by 156 feet, and a total area of 42,744 square feet adorns the roof of the Thomas Proestler Co. food distribution warehouse in the Quad Cities. Visible only from the air, the intent was to show support for pilots and help restore confidence in the airline industry.

"We hope that people will see the flag and it will remind them of their pride in this country and each other," said Dan Rockwell, the TPC district sales manager who spearheaded the project. Sherwin-Williams provided the 150 gallons of paint needed to complete the flag. Bruce Allen of Allen Signs volunteered to do a computer layout of the flag and provide templates. Jim Phillips, owner of Excel Painting and Wall coverings in nearby Davenport, Iowa, donated more than 100 hours of labor to the project. Sherwin-Williams store manager Kevin Herrick and sales rep Tom Cutlip also donated their time to help the Excel crew paint the roof.The roof surface was covered with one and-a-half-inch river rock, and Herrick recommended Sherwin-Williams Setfast Acrylic Latex Traffic Marking Paint for the red and white areas, and Sherwin-Williams Metalatex Semi-Gloss Coating for the blue. Metalatex was the best low-sheen coating with a deep enough base for the blue color needed that would also hold up outdoors, Herrick says. Setfast was chosen in part for its quick dry time.

"We could walk on the rocks within two hours," he says. "That turned out to be important because there was a downpour not long after we applied the paint, and the rain didn't faze it." Paint for the Pentagon Sherwin-Williams donated 10,000 gallons of paint for the restoration of sections of the Pentagon damaged by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.The idea for the donation came from a Sherwin-Williams employee, computer programmer/analyst Kim Falk. In a letter to Secretary of' Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Sherwin-Williams CEO Christopher Connor told the Pentagon the firm wanted to honor all Americans who lost their lives in the attacks and support the government in its restoration of the building. "It is thoughtful of them to think of us, and we welcome the donation," said Defense Department spokesman Glenn Flood.The donated paint is valued at $200,000.