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Consider the function of the room being painted and choose an appropriate color. Look at the exposure the room has, as lots of sunny southern exposure may be a good spot for cool color tones while a shaded and northerly facing room might be best served with warmer hues. Consider who spends the most time in the room. They should probably be involved in the process and allowed to voice their personal preferences. Review the adjacent room colors. There should be some relationship between them and the new paint color for the sake of flow and continuity. If you want to manipulate the perceived size of the room with color, choose an appropriate palate; light monochromatic colors and white ceilings to increase size, dark bold tones with a darker ceiling color to shrink.

Decide on the mood you want the room to evoke for its inhabitants and visitors and then explore the psychology of colors. Consider the style or decor of your home. Is it modern, traditional, or eclectic? You may want to research colors from different periods like Victorian, Colonial, or Arts & Crafts for the color roots of an old house, or for colors appropriate to the period that inspired your home's design details. If you have already chosen the furnishings for the room bring swatches and samples when choosing the paint color. Color and Decorating Trends

Light Green and Taupe continue to be the "new" neutral shades... as opposed to white and tan. "Metallic" color finishes with silver, gold, or bronze are popular for high-end kitchen appliances. Bold colors are used more and more, in all types of rooms, including small spaces. Multi-colored exterior paint schemes with attention to the architectural and historical features are being employed. Decorative painting is being used more and more by do-it-yourselfers as well as by contractors for distinctive interior work. Many paint sellers are now stocking water-based glazing compounds that are mixed with varying proportions of latex paint to obtain different effects, including translucency. Latex paints can be used as-is with rag rolling and sponging to obtain application with profile. There are many choices to choose from and picking the right colors takes patience so relax, sit back in your favorite chair with a nice glass of Shiraz and have fun!